Raymond K. Larum, New York City, 2006

Raymond K. Larum

After my 2 year training in New York City, I returned to Germany and the new journey started as a photographer and photo editor.

Who thought I would make it as a photographer and photo editor was right. Who thought that I would fail was obviously wrong.

I took some time off to develop the ideas I wanted to start my career with and tried a lot of things with different models but the real thing was discovered later. I had no clue in which direction I was heading back in 2006 but I was ready to make a lot of mistakes like I learned in New York and find out what’s good and what’s bad.

I trusted myself and shut off all the noises around me who tried to kill my ideas, even friends I had cut out of my life. Some had to go forever and even when it meant to be alone for a long time, I slowly found out who I am and where my initial thoughts would lead me to.

Written 2021 with a look back at the time. 🙂