Replacing Humanity: Creative Dilemma
As artificial intelligence and technology continue to advance, will humanity replace certain aspects of itself, such as models, musicians, and other creatives? This article explores the implications of artificial intelligence on creativity and questions the future of human-driven art.
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Gen Z’s Impact on Photography
Gen Z's obsession with selfies and Instagram-worthy content has revolutionized photography.
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2 Apr

The Future: A.I. vs. Creativity

The future of photography is unfolding before our very eyes, with the rise of artificial intelligence (A.I.) and its potential to change the way we create and consume visual media. But as A.I. becomes more sophisticated, it's important to consider the role of creativity in photography and how it can never truly be replaced by technology. The question now is, how will A.I. and creativity coexist in the future of photography?...
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