Replacing Humanity: Creative Dilemma
As artificial intelligence and technology continue to advance, will humanity replace certain aspects of itself, such as models, musicians, and other creatives? This article explores the implications of artificial intelligence on creativity and questions the future of human-driven art.
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Gen Z’s Impact on Photography
Gen Z's obsession with selfies and Instagram-worthy content has revolutionized photography.
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23 Apr

Analog Photography: Worth the Effort?

Analog photography may seem outdated in today's digital age, but there's something special about shooting film that makes it worth the effort. From the tactile experience of loading film to the anticipation of waiting for your prints to develop, every step feels intentional and deliberate. Plus, the unique aesthetic of film can add a timeless quality to your photos that can't be replicated with digital filters. Despite the challenges and limitations of shooting film, it's a rewarding and fulfilling process that every photographer should try at least once....
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