Replacing Humanity: Creative Dilemma
As artificial intelligence and technology continue to advance, will humanity replace certain aspects of itself, such as models, musicians, and other creatives? This article explores the implications of artificial intelligence on creativity and questions the future of human-driven art.
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Gen Z’s Impact on Photography
Gen Z's obsession with selfies and Instagram-worthy content has revolutionized photography.
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5 Apr

Photo Filters vs. Authenticity: A Debate

In recent years, the use of photo filters have become increasingly popular on social media platforms. While these filters can add a polished and aesthetically pleasing look to photos, there is an ongoing debate about their impact on authenticity. Some argue that filters allow individuals to present a false image of themselves, while others view them as a harmless way to enhance visuals. This article will explore both sides of the argument and consider the implications of the filter trend on social media culture....
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