Replacing Humanity: Creative Dilemma
As artificial intelligence and technology continue to advance, will humanity replace certain aspects of itself, such as models, musicians, and other creatives? This article explores the implications of artificial intelligence on creativity and questions the future of human-driven art.
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Gen Z’s Impact on Photography
Gen Z's obsession with selfies and Instagram-worthy content has revolutionized photography.
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8 Apr

Gen Z’s Impact on Photography

Say cheese, Gen Z!

Remember the good old days when we had to use film rolls and wait for days to see our pictures? Well, those days are long gone, and we kinda have Gen Z and especially their parents to thank for it! They have changed the way we take, edit, and share our pictures, and it’s time we take a closer look at how they have impacted the world of photography.


How Gen Z is redefining photography.

Gen Zers don’t just take pictures; they curate them. They are more concerned with the aesthetic value of their images than the content itself. They use filters, presets, and editing apps to transform their snaps into works of art. They have also popularized vertical photography, which is perfect for Instagram and other social media platforms. And like their parents they are not afraid to experiment with new formats, such as GIFs and boomerangs, to capture the perfect moment.

Moreover, Gen Zers are not interested in traditional photography rules. They don’t care about composition, lighting, or focus. They want to capture their lives as they see them, even if it means taking blurry, overexposed, or unconventional shots. They embrace imperfection and authenticity, and they are not afraid to break the rules to get the shot they want.


Selfies to TikTok: Gen Z’s influence

The rise of selfies is perhaps the most significant impact Gen Zers have had on photography. They have turned the camera on themselves and transformed the way we see ourselves and others. They have also popularized the use of front-facing cameras, which have become an essential feature of smartphones. Additionally, they have created a whole new genre of photography, the mirror selfie, which has become a staple of Instagram and Snapchat.

Finally, Gen Zers have taken their love for digital media & sharing to new heights with TikTok. They have turned the short-video app into a platform for creative expression, showcasing their editing skills, humor, and talent. They have created new trends, such as the “Vogue Challenge,” the “Time Warp Scan,” and the “Green Screen Trend,” which have inspired millions of users worldwide.


The game has changed!

In conclusion, Gen Zers have revolutionized the world of photography and last but not least videography by redefining its purpose, breaking its rules, and embracing its potential. They have turned it into a form of self-expression, a tool for social media, and a medium for entertainment. They have also challenged us to rethink our own approach to digital media and explore new horizons. So, next time you snap a picture or hit the record button, think of Gen Z and their impact on the photo & video game.

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